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Real Estate Investor Training


The most comprehensive and thorough real estate training programs on the market today!

Courses Available Now!

Understanding Value Add Opportunities

Learn the essentials about "Fix & Flip" Properties

In this comprehensive training course, you will learn the basics of how to do "Fix & Flip" investing. Course includes over 60 minutes of videos, 50 Page Course Manual, Excel spreadsheets, and checklists to  help you navigate the tricky waters of the Value Add deal. This course will save you thousands of dollars by helping you avoid the costly mistakes that can happen in these types of deals. 



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How to Buy Your First Home

The Best Available Course on the Market!! You'll Save Thousands!

Designed for homebuyers who are wanting to buy their first home and want to avoid mistakes that could cost thousands. You''ll get HUNDREDS of tips that will build your confidence and knowledge of the home buying process!



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Beginning Real Estate Investing

The Most Comprehensive Investor Training Available! Great Value!

Comparable courses are available through investment groups at costs upwards of $10K! This program leverages Cliff's 37+ years of real estate experience to provide comprehensive training to beginning real estate investors!  



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Advanced Real Estate Investing

Learn Advanced Techniques, Strategies & Tips!

Designed for the seasoned investor, this course offers advanced concepts in analysis of properties, cash flow management, value add strategies, property management , valuation, mixed-use properties, strip centers, larger multi-family investments. 



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